Uber Mich

1960 in Breslau, Polen geboren, arbeitete ich in den vergangenen 20 Jahren als Musikproduzent und Komponist in Los Angeles und Nashville in den USA. In der Musikbranche gelte ich als einer der einflussreichsten Produzenten der letzten Jahre. Ich habe mich nie sonderlich um Trends und Verkaufszahlen gekümmert und habe dennoch über eine Million Platten verkauft und hatte ein "Grammy" gewonnen.

After getting his music education and working extensively as a musician in his hometown of Wroclaw, Poland and Munich, Germany, in 1989 Voytek Kochanek moved to Los Angeles and got a job as a staff engineer at the famed Paramount Recording Studios in Hollywood. Voytek worked with and learned from a number of great producers and engineers. While there, he worked with Mick Fleetwood, L.A. Guns, Club Nouveau, Johnny “Guitar” Watson, Ice Cube, Isley Brothers and many others. Voytek's experience at Paramount was the spring board for him to start engineering and mixing independently. He has worked with a diverse range of artists, from Steve Vai, Ozzy Osbourne and Peter Frampton, to Earth, Wind and Fire and Patti LaBelle.


"My philosophy in the studio or mixing comes from many years of being around producers, engineers and mixers whom I have respected. It's always different from artist to artist and session to session. I'm usually full of options when I'm engineering and try not to get locked into anything. Also having a positive attitude helps and being able to work around things, when technical situations come up and they often do. It helps to have the ability to build trust when you're working with an artist for the first time. For me, I must feel the mixes before presenting it. You are creating your version of what the artist had in mind when they wrote their song. Songs are sometimes personal and to be able to capture it is an art and a thrill."

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